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Substance Use Guide 

Click on the image to access the entire guide on info about commonly used drugs in San Benito, Monterey, and Santa Cruz Counties, how to respond to an overdose, and what options are available for helping someone who has a problem.

Click here for the substance use guide

We have a resource guide with local resources in county and in neighboring counties for help surrounding OUD/SUD. 


We have a large amount of resources for parents of a child at any age with information and guides to talk with your family surrounding substance use and safe medication use. 

Support Group

Here you will find resources for tracking medication use, questions for your providers for your prescriptions, and how opioids work. 

Vitamins and pills

List of resources for health care providers surrounding MAT, safe prescribing, new laws, etc. 

Chart & Stethoscope

Support for those with OUD/SUD and their families is critical, local and online resources are listed out.  

Pain management and alternative therapies are also important you can find local chiropractors and yoga studios as well as a handful of online resources. 

Physical Therapist

Opioid Use Disorder(OUD) and Substance Use Disorder(SUD) has different methods of treatment. Learn what is available locally and online resources that may help choosing what is best for yourself or someone you know. 

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