Patient Resources

Pocket Medication Card Tracker

Downloadable, folding document for tracking medications, supplements, and conditions. 


Just Think Twice

Contains drug facts, what paraphernalia to look for, photos, hot topics, the cost of drug use to society, and more.

Healthline: Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) 

Healthline provides a great wealth of information surrounding Suboxone, a medication commonly used for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). 

Choosing the Right Health Care Provider 

This article is a great resource and primarily explains important guidelines to help make an informed decision on the best coverage, cost, and quality of care that you as a patient should look for in a good healthcare provider. 

This website provides an array of information on addiction, treatment services, recovery, advocacy, among much more. It can allow you to discover what treatment options are availble and may be best for yourself, ways to help, and understand what causes addiction, and learn how to be and stay drug-free. 


PTSD Coach Online Tool 

This online tool is through the Vetrans Affairs(VA) however is a useful tool for anyone looking for a solution for anything from working on worry/anger to sleep problems to direction in life and much more. 

Questions to Ask Treatment Providers 

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers resources on what to ask and look for in addiction treatment and what to ask from the providers. 


In need of support? Don't have someone to talk to? offers text support unique to you to help you if you are struggling with addiction. This website also offers unique perspectives on the opioid epidemic with resources for someone going through addiction or providing support to someone who is addicted.  

Check to Make Sure Your Physician is Certified 

CertificationMatters.Org is made to check if your physician is certified to ensure your services are board approved. 

Substance Abuse in College  

Attending college can bring a plethora of new issues with substance use possibly being one of them, this resource includes a wealth of information and covers topics such as causes, effects and warning signs, strategies for change, legal ramifications of substance use, and so much more. 


American Society of Addiction Medicine 

Resource provides information on addiction, addiction specialists, and answers frequently asked questions about addiction medicine. 

SAMHSA: What is Substance Abuse Treatment?

Resource is specific to answering questions surrounding substance abuse treatment. 



Help Guide offers mental and emotional support for those facing addiction disorders.


Website offers help for those seeking rehab, support in staying sober, and discusses alternative ways to increase the likelihood of staying sober. 


SAMHSA: Facts on Buprenorphine 

SAMHSA provides an informational booklet on a medication assisted treatment drug buprenorphine. 



Website that covers all basic facts on opioids

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