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Parent Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  

Provides information on medication safety   

Dangers of Study Drugs in College 

Although study drugs are not opioids they can still be detrimental for those in high school and college, using this resource you can be proactive as a parent to learn why study drugs aren't safe and what other options exist to help them take on their school work in a safer and healthier way. 

Get Smart About Drugs

A DEA resource for parents, educators, and caregivers.

Just Think Twice

Contains drug facts, what paraphernalia to look for, photos, hot topics, the cost of drug use to society, and more.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Has specific sections within their website geared towards assisting parents and educators on the health effects and consequences of drug use and addiction based on the latest science-based information. 

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Website specifically made to help families be drug free. Gives parents information on how to help their child, to get tips or advice, and how to give back.   



Not only does poison control have great articles but it also contains a pill identifier, poison and prevention information, and an online help center.

SafeKids Medicine Safety 

Contains information broken down by age group with tips on how to keep kids safe around medicine. 

Substance Abuse in College  

As children move on to different stages in life and transition into adulthood attending college can bring a plethora of new issues with substance use possibly being one of them, here is a resource made specifically for yourself as a parent or for your college students to use themselves. It includes causes, effects and warning signs, strategies for change, legal ramifications of substance use, and so much more. 

Truth Campaign

This campaign promotes awareness about the true affects of opioid addiction 

geared towards young adults and adolescents. 

Approximately 50,000 young children are brought to the emergency room each year because they got into medicines that were left within reach. Are all of your medicines stored safely? Check out this resource to see how safe you are storing your medications.  

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